Tuti Gomoka



About Tuti Gomoka

About two weeks ago, I graduated Grade 12 (Form Six) from Haven of Peace Academy. This was an extraordinary event for me and my family and for all the right reasons. Not only had I maintained straight A’s throughout my A-levels but had won the opportunity to pursue my undergraduate degree at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania in the United States. Recently, I co-organized The Dar es Salaam Youth Entrepreneurship Summit 2017 (DYES) and I look forward to organising similar events for my fellow youth in the future. As I look back towards the past 2 years in retrospect, I realize how incredible and life changing my A-level education has been. However, I cannot talk about my journey without mentioning the valuable lessons I have learnt along the way. These are lessons that were crucial to my self-growth and ones which can be helpful to any young woman.