Maureen Richard



About Maureen Richard

Behind every successful story is an embarrassing first effort, a stumble, a setback or a radical change of direction. It’s these first clumsy steps on the road to success, fame and fortune. 2014 was a pretty good year for me, I had completed my high school advanced education, I majored in science, had a temporary job as a teacher while waiting to be enrolled to university to begin my degree.  I got selected to one of Tanzanian’s best university and the government paid for my tuition fees and allowances. First year was tough and hard.

Mid 2015 going for my second year results came out and I found out that I couldn’t continue with university 2nd year because I didn’t have enough credits, I was discontinued from university, this went with all government loans, tuition fees and allowances. I  Sat in my bed for hours, cried myself to sleep trying to figure out what to do next I gave up studying and after 2 days I thought I will go back to my temporary job of teaching because i knew my parents couldn’t afford taking me back to university again let alone allow me to go back and fail twice.

  I broke the news to my parents and all my father said was pack your bags, we are going to get you to another university. I applied again for university3 months later I was enrolled at University of Dar Es Salaam, another degree and here I am today 2017, 22 years old  going for my final year with good grades, 2 leadership positions, and head wrap fashion brand.