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Charmaine is the founder and executive chairperson of SA Business Resources Institute. Her passion for SME and community development was ignited when an opportunity arose to take up the position of Operations Manager, and later, CEO of Old Mutual’s Masisizane Fund. Charmaine worked for more than 31 years in the financial services industry, and gained experience in, amongst others, actuarial consulting services, product development, structured insurance and employee benefits sales. She previously also worked with Gemini Consulting on the development and implementation of a turnaround strategy for a large insurance company. Charmaine holds an MBA degree from UCT (cum laude), and was an Old Mutual Gold Medallist for outstanding achievement on the MBA, and also won an award for Knowledge Management. She obtained an SME Management Diploma from the Galilee International Management Institute in Israel. Other studies include Property Management through Unisa and leadership and systems thinking through UCT. Charmaine provides leadership and direction to the SABRI team and is responsible for the business development activities. She serves on several boards, including the Small Enterprise Development Agency, reporting to the Minister of Small Business Development in SA.She is passionate about economic transformation in communities through the development of women and youth-owned businesses.

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