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  Justina is a Librarian (University of dar es salaam, Library services) from 2007- to date, acquired education in Postgraduate Diploma (scientific computing)University of Dar es Salaam (tz). Bachelor of Arts (public administration) (2008) -Open University of Tanzania.

  She is a member of Tanzania Library and Information Professionals Association (TLA) and has received ITEC Programme: Certificate of digital Library Practices and Information Technical Application for Advanced Knowledge Management. Kerala, INDIA (17/10/2016 to 02/12/2016), Certificate of Achievement: Copyright and Licensing of Research Publication #3. INASP Tanzania. (3/05/2016 to 30/05/2016), Programme Lib@Web: Certificate of Management of Electronic Information and Digital Libraries at University of Antwerp. Belgium (29/09/014- 22/012/014), Digital library training workshop using Greenstone software (UNESCO) University of Dar es Salaam. February 2012.

  Justina has received 2 awards on ITEC Scholarship Award (Tenable in INDIA) 2016 and VLIR Scholarship Award (Tenable in Belgium), 2014. She is Also a woman entrepreneur a beginner (handcraft design) with social media accounts on Facebook - binti wa Protas and Instagram -   blossom _ stylish


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