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As I was growing up I started to make self evaluation on who I was,where I am and what kind of a person I wish to be one day...Determination,confidence,focus and self discipline they really helped me to become who I am..being a leader at school since my childhood it shaped me to learn on how to be responsible and fight on behalf of the others and fulfilling my duties effectively...within that journey the road it was not smooth full of grudges and pain story to share,because everything that is nice always there is opposition but that it was an opportunity for me to expand my territory and to become more strong,completing my advanced level studies at Tabora girls secondary school and being selected to join the best university in Tanzania known as the University of Dar es salaam (UDSM) that's were my mind it was sharpened and become widely broaden.. my first year of study it was not easy at all,coming from a simple family having expectations to be given students loan so as to meet my needs as I am schooling but things were vice versa I wasn't selected and therefore the family had to be responsible on that,glory be to the Lord he gas always been a provider to me and my family,my prayers were not empty less ,one day I saw an announcement concerning university election I decided to contest on my college but i wasn't selected...It was a disappointment because i asked myself does it mean people do not see the potentials on me??but I did not loose hope then I was proposed to be a class representative.Hardworking and good relationship with my supervisors helped me a lot.One of my lectures connected me to one of the earlier organisation which they once operated during the early 1960's known as BUILDING AFRICA(BUA) were I work there on the youth category working on different projects concerning youth...And earlier November I will be starting my 2nd year of studies...Everything is possible but what is needed is patience and to remain focus..No pain,no gain.

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